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The free online F5 lab includes few Web servers configured so that the user is presented with different web pages based on whether the access was made over http or https. These pages also provide additional information extracted from the HTTP header, including client/server IP addresses, TCP ports, related to both client-side and server-side incoming requests.

The problem is that the F5 Lab is slow and therefore, having a similar implementation in my lab, sounded cool. In this blog I will show you how I did it.

Since I didn’t play enough with F5’s online Lab, I don’t know if their pages implement authentication. I do  know however that mine, do 🙂 ! This is quite handy when learning about persistence and actually seeing a use case for when persistence is needed.

But before I get on with it, I must admit – the code used here is 90% mine; though the initial 10% was found on the Internet – useful as I needed a refresh on classic ASP programming … it’s been years since last time I touched that!

Now please go ahead and download the archive f5lab-html-asp.zip; this includes the following files:

  1. default.asp – make sure this is set as the default page; if the user is not logged in, it redirects to login.asp page
  2. default2.asp – this is an optional file; use it when, what you are testing does not require authentication
  3. login.asp – login page
  4. logout.asp –  logout page
  5. verify.asp – checks the password

Make sure the files are in your http / www directory.

This is what you should see if your installation is correct.

Notice also that each session gets a randomly generated ID; this only refreshes when logging out/logging back in. To simulate different session IDs, use a second client.

Please, if you do get a much better version of this, please share. 
Thank you,

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Originally posted 2017-10-06 09:33:03.

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