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There will be situations when you just need to replicate sections (or all) of your configuration from one BIGIP device, to another – only with slight differences. Here is an example which actually contributed to the idea of this blog:

When configuring HA, one of the requirements is to add all devices into a Trust Domain; this is done by creating a full connectivity mesh between all devices in a device group. Therefore, you need a way for those devices to communicate in the first place – and they do so, via IP.

I know of four ways to do this:

  1. Using the Web GUI – that’s going to take a lot of clicks
  2. Using UCS/Archive file – this could be modified, uploaded and restored to the target device. You could do this via the GUI or via the CLI
  3. Using the CLI – copy&paste on the TMOS Shell terminal – this implies the use of the from-terminal keyword: load sys config from-terminal [merge]
  4. Using the CLI – from custom configuration file at the TMOS Shell

In this blog I’ll show you the 4th method.

Step by Step …

  1. Connect via SSH to the device you will be sourcing the configuration from
  2. Enter the TMOS shell – tmsh <enter>
  3. List the configuration you need
  4. Copy it to clipboard
  5. Connect via SSH to the target device
  6. Open VI editor at the Linux shell; paste the configuration and save the file
  7. Still on the target device, enter TMOS shell
  8. Merge the new configuration

Here is a quick video:

  • Source: f5bigip02.home.cm
  • Destination: f5bigip02.home.cm
  • Adding a new VLAN vlan-brown


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Originally posted 2017-10-07 09:50:00.

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